Family Sailing Charters

There is nothing more important to us than making sure your family has a good sailing experience.  Orange Beach and the Alabama Gulf Coast offers families with kids some of the most laid back activities to enjoy.   One of the most popular activities besides going to the beach and fishing, is chartering a sail boat.  Over the past four years, our sailing yacht has taken thousands of families just like you on a sunset trip of a lifetime.

Family sailing is much more than a boat ride.  It encompasses the thrill of helping me raise the sail and get underway.  It is the breathtaking views of beautiful water moving underneath the hull as we are propelled into another world.  A world that was pioneered centuries ago.  Step back in time with us and see how ancient mariners used to navigate the worlds oceans in search of new things to see and do.

The children that come sailing with us are especially happy when they get to be a part of sailing a big yacht.  Kids are captivated with all of the sails, ropes, cables and lines that are an integral part of what makes sailing charters fun.  The wild dolphins are a treat to see when they swim up beside the sailboat and jump out of the water and roll in the surf.