4 Hour Adventure Sailing Charter

The four hour adventure sailing charter is ideal for those who know they like being on the water. This sailing trip is ideal for those who want to experience sailing for the first time or their hundredth time. These four hour trips are cost a little more than our two hour trip, but these trips give you more out of a sailing charter than you can imagine. Most of our time is spent out in the Gulf of Mexico where you will have a chance to see some amazing sights such as marine life, dolphins, birds and other things that would ordinarily go unnoticed from land.

What a 4 hour trip offers you

You will experience sensory overload for sure on this adventure four hour adventure sailing charter. You can sit back and relax or stand beside the rail as we head out into the Gulf of Mexico just south of Orange Beach. You will experience the water rushing against the hull of our sail boat as our sails fill with air and begin to move you through the water by slicing each wave in half. The stronger the wind, the faster we sail and our rigging leans gently over as if it could touch the sea. This is part of what true adventure sailing is, but there is more to it than just sailing. We often stop our boat and allow you to cool off by swimming around the boat. We don't do this every trip, but if you let us know when you are booking your adventure that you would like to get wet, we will see if we can make it happen. If you bring a mask, you will look down and see the bottom of the gulf, just right below the boat

When you choose our 4 hour trip, you get more of a chance to unwind and enjoy a few hours more to take in all of the beautiful sights that Alabama's Gulf Coast just south of Orange Beach has to offer. These slightly longer trips gives us enough time to stay out in the gulf and see more things than can be imagined. We often see wild dolphins just offshore and they are a sight for sure. While we are sailing, they often come right in front of the sail boat and ride the pressure wave while gliding along. You can literally be only a foot or two away from some of our most prized opportunities.

All of our four hour trips are private. This means that only you and your family will be on the sail boat during your trip. The only exception is our sunset trip, which can be a shared expense trip with other couples.