Sunset Sailing Charters - Charter a Sail Boat in Orange Beach

Have you ever been on a sail boat or sailing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama? Orange Beach has long been known to have beautiful beaches and emerald green water and some beautiful sail boats to look at.  There only a couple of sail boats that specialize in sunset sailing. 

Some days the gulf is as beautiful and calm as a mill pond.  Those days are ok, but we love the wind and the way it can make you feel while sailing.  The best day you will ever have sailing, is when the wind is blowing at least 10 to 15 knots.   That the best sailing wind speed really makes the sails fill out and moves the sail boat switly, but gently across the waves. Remember, it is wind that makes sailing fun.  It's Captain Ryan and the Sailob charter boat that makes sailing, amazing.

History of Orange Beach Sailing Charters

Recreational sailing became popular in the mid 1970's, just about the time the jet ski was introduced.   For miles and miles, the catamaran sailing craze took off on the northern Gulf of Mexico.  Everywhere you looked, you saw sail boats quickly slipping across the water.  You would often see those fast sailboats flying the keel, with one half the sail boat out of the water.  The only problem with those older style sailboats was, they got you wet.  Popular sailing destinations back in the day were Panama City, Destin, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.   The Hobie Cat craze lasted until the late 1980's and for some reason, sailing lost it's luster for some.   When Captain Ryan opened his doors in 2007, he revitalized the industry and changed history.

Captain Ryan Rayfield grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  He has loved sailing every since he was a small boy.  Whenever the wind was blowing, Ryan could be found sailing around the coastal waters of Alabama.  He felt at home on the water.  Nothing but the wind to move him through the water.  The sounds that the water made on the hull of the sailboat was theraputic for him.  Everyone needs there alone time, but Ryan wanted to share his love for sailing with you. 

Through sunset sailing in Orange Beach, Captain Ryan lets you set sail on a course of tranquility.  You can imagine how quiet and peaceful it is when sailing on the Gulf of Mexico, right off the Orange Beach area.  The gentle ocean breeze blowing in your face and the ripple of the waves slapping the hull will almost certainly make you want to kick off your shoes and close your eyes for a litte while.  The scenery along the beaches of Gulf Shores is amazing.  The marine birds and wild dolphins are almost a certainty when you are sunset sailing on the Sailob charter boat.

Orange Beach Sailing Adventures - Something for everyone

With all of the Orange Beach Activities to do on the gulf coast, you can almost certainly find a reason to go sunset sailing with us.  Most of our guests are families that enjoy spending time together.  There are quite a few young people who are just starting out in life and experience gulf sailing together.  Kids and children of all ages love to experience how cool sailing is. 

What a perfect time to pop the question to the one you love while on a proposal sailing charter.   Sailing also is great for those who have already gotten married but want to spend some honeymoon time together on the water.  What a wonderful way to start a life together as a couple.   

Romance is a big part of what we offer everyone.  If you would like to rekindle the relationship with your loved one, book them a surprise couples sailing charter.   The one you love will almost certainly thank you for many years to come.     Every year, each of us has a birthday that comes around.  What a perfect opportunity to take that child or loved one on a birthday sailing charter.