2 Hour Getaway Sailing Charter

One of the most popular sailing charters is our 2 hour private getaway trip.   This sailing trip is ideal for those who want to experience sailing for the first time.  These two hour trips are cost effective, educational, relaxing and most of all, a lot of fun for the entire family.   When you choose a 2 hour trip, you will get to see what sailing is all about without having the expense of a 4 hour adventure sail or the all day sailing adventure.   Our 2 hour trip is our most popular, many Alabama Gulf Coast visitors enjoy just being on the water for a little while.

two-hour-getaway-sailing-charterWhat a 2 hour trip offers you

You get to fill up your senses with the sights and sounds of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  We love it when we see our guests standing beside the rail, holding on to the rail and taking it all in.  You will hear the water splashing against the hull of the sail boat and the tight rigging holding the sails, sing as the gentle ocean breeze moves you along to a place that you only imagined.   You have a choice to close your eyes and hear the sounds or open them and see the wonderous views from around your boat.   Either way, when you are on our two hour getaway sailing charter, you will feel like you are in Heaven.   Words can't describe all of the different senses that will be stimulated when you sail with us. 

When you choose a 2 hour trip, you get a chance to unwind and enjoy a couple of hours to take in all of the beautiful sights that Orange Beach has to offer.  These short trips give us just enough time to head out into the Gulf of Mexico and see one of the most incredible bodies of water in the north Americas.   As mentioned above, you will get to experience a unique sailing adventure that nobody else in our area can offer you.  I guarantee it.

All of these two hour trips are private.  This means that only you and your family will be on the boat during your trip.  The only exception is our sunset trip, which can be a shared expense trip with other couples.